Christmas Dogs

Don’t worry its not a “Don’t get a puppy for Christmas” post!!

If you feel the time is right for you and your family then get a puppy (or 2!!- I love puppies) Christmas time might just be perfect. Alternatively you could always rescue an older dog. (Bare in mind if you have a busy house and the shelter feels it might be daunting wait until January)


So why do I think Christmas can be a great time to get a new addition to the family?

Socialisation  – Lots of new people coming and going, kiddies to play with, some people might even bring a dog pal!

Time – Time off from Work/School means you wont be mad at a puppy waking you up at night if you’ve not got to get up early.

Bonding – Cosy nights in front of the fire, little walks and games. The first 11 weeks of a puppies life are the most important and will shape your dogs behaviour for years to come.

Adjustment – Depending on where your pup comes from he may not be used to sleeping indoors, eating out of a bowl, sleeping at night, other pets in the home etc. you need to be there to enforce rules or comfort.

Routine – Like babies, puppies need a routine while you have the time start planning how your normal day is going to work. Build up time in the crate and get a feeding and toilet schedule worked out. When you go back to work you’ll know exactly how much time you can leave your pup.


So if you decide a Dog is for Christmas AND ALSO FOR LIFE there’s two ways we can help you.

Pre-Puppy Advice:   If you’ve never owned a dog before arrange a meeting with The Doggie Lodge. We can advise you on breeds and temperaments, Grooming, Toys, bowls and beds (that wont get eaten), crate training, what to feed your pup and every other question you may have.

Post-Puppy Advice: Now once you’ve put in all the hard work over Christmas (and dressed your pup in numerous festive outfits) contact us at The Doggie Lodge. For any pup we would recommend at least 1-2 days daycare per week or we have weekly rates if you’ll be gone 5 days a week.





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