Doggie Day Care

Monday-Friday from 8 am – 6pm

€20 per dog full day – €12.50 half day

Doggie Day Care at the Doggie Lodge starts at 8am in the morning until 6pm in the evening Monday to Friday. Day care is a fantastic alternitive to leaving your dog at home all day while you’re in work, school, out shopping, getting your hair done…. Dogs that come to Day Care are more social with other dogs, happy and wore out by the end of the day leading to a better behaved dog all round

At The Doggie Lodge we offer home boarding a fantastic alterative to kennels. Home Boarding is limited to 6 places which book up fast so please contact us ASAP to book in your dog. Every dog that stays with us is treated as part of the family. They get to go to daycare during the week and relax by the fireside every evening. All dogs coming to stay are assessed in daycare so we only take dogs that are sociable with others

*Please Note* Daycare will be closed November 18th and 21st

Day care Policies

  • All dogs attending daycare must be in good general health. All owners must provide The Doggie Lodge a current up to date stamped & signed veterinary vaccination card showing proof of DHPPI, LEPTO & KENNEL COUGH vaccinations.
  • All dogs attending day care should be treated for fleas & worms every 12 weeks. If your dog appears to be ill in anyway they will be unable to attend doggie daycare
  • The Doggie Lodge facility is fully insured however we reccomend you also insure your own dog as The Doggie Lodge is not liable for any injury, death, sickness or damage to dog(s) who stay with us.
  • Day care is not for every dog. If your dog is not a social canine then maybe day care is not for them please speak to us should you have any concerns prior to booking your assessment. It is important that all our visiting dogs enjoy their time at The Doggie Lodge
  • Restricted breeds must join daycare between 3-4 months of age and must be neutered as adolescents
  • We’re fully insured, qualified and inspected by Wicklow County Council and Wicklow ISPCA.


Before being accepted into doggie daycare your dog must complete a temperament assessment. Contact us to arrange. Fee of €20 per dog.

All dogs coming for daycare and home boarding must pass a temperament assessment. This takes 2 hours and costs €20.

Dogs socialize and play in our specially designed play areas with dogs of similar size and temperament and energy levels. We practice sit, stay and come commands. Play ball and hide and seek games. We also give each dog a one-to-one session.

One-to-one time is where each dog gets given individual attention. A member of staff takes the dog on their own for a paly, a brush , a chew or some cuddles depending on the dogs needs.

Puppies and Toy breeds are kept seperate from the main daycare group. THey have their own designated area with small toys and even a sofa

We have an extremely large outdoor area with tunnels and a playhous. The more active breeds love to stretch their legs snd plsy ball and chasing games.

You can see pictures and videos of all the dogs on our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts.