Getting your dog ready for Winter.

Getting your dog ready for Winter.


Bella is currently wearing her winter jumper!!

Here at The Doggie Lodge we have a selection on coats, jumpers and jackets to keep your dog warm this winter. We also have shampoos and brushes to keep their own coats maintained

Winter Grooming – If you think your dogs coat needs to be clipped please make a grooming appointment before it gets too cold. You may also feel that its not fair to clip a dogs coat in colder weather, this in fact is not true. If your dogs heavy coat gets wet and takes a long time to dry this can cause skin irritation (sometimes its kinder to clip and get them a cute coat – as above)

Maintenance of the coat is very important during winter months. Make sure to dry and brush your dog after their walk to avoid matting.

All dogs coats are different call in and speak to us for the best advice for your dog.

Food- Dogs may need extra food during the winter months but also may in turn get less exercise. its important to keep a close eye on your pets weight. Regular weigh-ins at the vets are the best way to monitor an increasing waist-line.

If you need nutrional advice for your dog call in for a chat and a free sample!

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