Is Daycare right for my dog?

Is Daycare right for my dog?


Daycare (and boarding) at The Doggie Lodge is an action packed day of fun. Dogs catch up with their friends, make new friends, chase, run, play, even have a snooze or a cuddle with their human pals. Most dogs can’t get enough!! We have created an environment where your dog can be safe and secure. Our motto is HAPPY, HEALTHY, SOCIALISED, DOGS.

Benefits of Doggie Daycare
Socialise your dog
Learn how to behave around other dogs
Keep your dog fit and healthy
Get your dog used to strangers
Tire your dog mentally and physically
Your dog wont be lonely or distructive at home on his own

In order for a new dog to become a member of The Doggie Lodge family we conduct an initial assessment. On successful completion of this trial your dog is welcome to come to daycare as often as you like, we conduct ongoing assessments during each visits, if we notice any behaviour issues or ailments we inform the dogs owners.

However during this assessment if dogs are stressed in the environment or aggressive towards other dogs they will not be able to join (although we can recommend local training classes as an alternative option for building up your dogs confidence and doggie manners)

This is a very interesting article from Whole Dog Journal

If your dog would like to come in for a trial day you can contact us at or +353863622253 and we would love to arrange to meet you!!

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